Worldly God


Have you been searching for that unique hard core dominant man? Worldly God is that person who will take over your world. He is not the guy you call when you want to be seduced. If you want to be used, pounded, and made to comply he is the guy that will push your limits beyond where you thought you should be. Fag domination is one of his favorite past times forcing a worthless whiner onto their knees and feeling up that mouth with a throbbing real man’s cock. Have you ever thought of letting someone deep into your mind you know that you deserve a good hard mind fuck like only a true deviant mind can give you. This is a real alpha male he doesn’t show boat or throw out his chest if you cross him you will remember that day for the rest of your life. You are there to serve alpha’s like him and he is there to be your money taker whatever is in your wallet better be on the floor at his feet. You thought you could suck cock and no one would ever find out well that pretty little wife of yours will know all your dirty deviant secrets if you do not do as your told and give Worldly God everything he desires.  When you read about blackmail play it sounded like so much fun now you know that it is far beyond fun. How about some role play it seems like fun right until you realize how demonic and nasty that role can go now you are super turned on and scared at the same time.  Ever wondered what it would be like to be locked in prison and your first night in that cell with that truly mean man now you can know when you call Worldly God on Niteflirt. He enjoys those fantasies that are sick and kinky something that is truly sexually deviant.



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