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Hot Rodd

I am a New York City dancer and I have been one for quite some time now.  I was born and bred here on the East Coast and seem to have a knack for adult entertainment.  I am 6″0′ with a somewhat athletic build but not too skinny.  I have muscle and a very nice ass that is round and firm.


I learned at a young age that I am gifted in certain areas of my body and I love sharing that gift to make people happy.  I am into being a Dom but I can be a Sub as well.

I have many sexual adventures to share, concerning men and women and I truly love to share my enormous gift with both genders.


I meet all kinds of people at the club which I dance at.  I meet businessmen, college boys, college girls, lonely men, rich men and poor men.  They all seem to enjoy my services and I love to give it to them.  I do not judge and try to accommodate almost all wishes and desires. Of course there are some exceptions.  I can role play or I can be honest with you, almost anything that suits your fancy I will be more then happy to do for you.


I have been with wives, girlfriends and business partners, I have had sex in public and for show, and I definitely love to tease. On stage I play the cop, the fireman, the lumberjack, the soccer player and so much more.  Why don’t you call me and let me know who you want me to be. I’ll be here waiting.

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