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He said he’s never been with a man before, but always wanted to try it.  I met him at a sports bar, while I was eating my breakfast at 3pm. The place was pretty empty, no games were on and i was at my usual table.  I come here a lot to be left alone, most times it was not a pick up joint, but just my luck, it was one today.

He told me he’d seen me around and thought I was cute. He wanted to try it with a man and that I looked like the type he wanted.  He guessed I was in the sex industry and he was right. Having me pop his cherry would mean no awkward phone calls or stalking issues.  He flashed me some cash and we were on our way to the hotel.


I closed the door and he was all over me in an instant. I told him to calm down and take a seat on the edge of my bed.  I walked into the bathroom to freshen up and put some moisturizer on my chest and arms and shoulders.  I put my button down shirt back on and tucked it into my gray slacks.  I always like to look neat if I have to wear clothes.

Coming back into the room, I noticed he was still very nervous and very anxious.  I put some music on, and began to move, because that’s what I do, slowly and seductively.  I start to unbutton my shirt and he starts wagging his tail at even the possibility of seeing my chest.  It’s shiny and tight and my pecs are pretty developed.  I make sure he sees every muscle in my arm as I slowly pull the sleeves off, one at a time.

“You like that, baby?” I ask him, as i slowly dance closer to him still sitting on the edge of the bed. “Cock. I want your cock” he mutters under his breathe as begins to sweat.  I grab his hands and put them on my rock hard chest.  I make sure his hands feel every crack and crevice that my muscles make.  His face turns into awe as his fingers feed him information he only dreamed about before.

“Now comes the good part”, I tell him, as I put my hands on top of his and lower them into the depths of my trousers.  His face turns white as his hands grasp around my thick dick.  “Oh dear Lord”, he whispers.  I take his hands and I thrust my hips to the music as our hands slowly and firmly make their way up and down my strong shaft.  My cock grows in my pants and he gets a bulge in a heartbeat. I see that he’s loving it, and I dare to take it further.

I pull his hands out of my pants and he sniffs them and licks them as if they were just in a bag of chips.  I step back and I unbuckle my belt.  He begins jerking off his dick immediately, I don’t stop him.  I pull my pants all the way down and step out of them.  It’s just me and my speedo now, which hardly contains my big cock.  The elastic stretches to capacity and I’m so thick you see half of my dick anyway.  I look down and he is eyeing my thighs, so I turn around and show him my very tight, bubble ass.  I hear him jerking faster.  I shake my ass to the music that’s still playing and let down the speedo.  With just my bare, tight, shiny ass showing, I start to smack a cheek and I hear him moan.  I stroke my monster with my back to him, so he can see my arm and broad back muscles working.  I hear his moans get louder, when I drop my dick, he can see the outline of it hanging down between my legs.

The poor guy was about to cum, and I knew it.  I turned around slowly to reveal my semi-hard monster to him.  He gasped like he’d seen a ghost.  I walk closer to him, putting my naked body and my cock very close to him.  He can see my dick throbbing now, getting harder right before his eyes.  He wants to touch it to feel the thickness in his hands again, but he can’t stop jerking, he’s too close to finishing.  The second I grab my dick with both my hands, he sprays his cum everywhere.


He flops back on his bed, a limp dick in hand, and cum all over the bedspread.  “Take a nap”, I said. “I’ll send you the cleaning bill”

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