Gym Friends Hot Rodd

I have a weird way of making friends at my gym. He always seemed to show up when I was there.  He would just kind of stare at me, while I worked out. I never thought much of it, because I usually get a lot of stares at the gym, especially in my crotch area. I guess my dick is bigger soft then most men’s dicks when they are hard.  Who knows, all I know is that it definitely swings around a lot under my baggie shorts.

One night when I was in the locker room, I saw that same guy again.  He must have followed me in.  I knew what he wanted right away, I mean it happens to me all the time.  He picked the locker directly across from me. I knew he had nothing in there, he just wanted a view – so I gave him one.

I slowly peeled off my soaking wet shirt, and just lingered with it over my head so he could see my chest all stretched out.  I then pulled it up over my head and threw it down, staring into his eyes.  He looked me over, very closely. The bulge in my pants grew and he was noticing it. I looked directly at him as I lowered my shorts.  I love seeing people’s reactions when they see my cock for the first time, it’s enjoyable.  His jaw dropped as my dick bounced up and down.  The man was fixated on it – thick, long and hard.  He was frozen in time as most people are when it comes to my cock.


I smiled, grabbed my soap and walked slowly towards the showers, making sure he saw my long dong swinging side to side as I walked away. The second thing people love most about me is my tight ass, so I made sure he stared long and hard at it as I moved.

The water was hot – and so was I. I was lathering up my dick by stroking it with both hands.  In he came like clockwork. I smiled, knowing he wanted a show.  He never approached me, just stood at a distance, stroking his dick, watching me.

I didn’t acknowledge him, I just pretended I didn’t see him and kept on stroking. I turned my body around, so I was facing his direction. I tilted my head and body back, so the water ran down my bare chest. I was just stroking my massive meat under the shower, giving him a very good view.  I continued to look straight ahead, and I heard him begin to moan. I knew he was close. I let go of my cock and it stood straight up- in all it’s glory.  I turned around and began lathering up my ass. I stood sideways so he could still see my huge hard cock.

I slid two fingers up my ass. I smacked a cheek, then started stroking my cock with my free hand. One hand on my cock, the other fingering myself. I knew it wouldn’t be long now. He could never last while I was doing this in front of him.

He still never spoke, but just let out a huge groan, and I peeked out the corner of my eye and saw him spray everywhere. The shower wall and handles were covered in his cum.

I smiled to myself, and continued showering. He left quickly without a word.


That’s how I make friends at my gym.
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