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Gym Friends Hot Rodd

I have a weird way of making friends at my gym. He always seemed to show up when I was there.  He would just kind of stare at me, while I worked out. I never thought much of it, because I usually get a lot of stares at the gym, especially in my crotch area. I guess my dick is bigger soft then most men’s dicks when they are hard.  Who knows, all I know is that it definitely swings around a lot under my baggie shorts.

One night when I was in the locker room, I saw that same guy again.  He must have followed me in.  I knew what he wanted right away, I mean it happens to me all the time.  He picked the locker directly across from me. I knew he had nothing in there, he just wanted a view – so I gave him one.

I slowly peeled off my soaking wet shirt, and just lingered with it over my head so he could see my chest all stretched out.  I then pulled it up over my head and threw it down, staring into his eyes.  He looked me over, very closely. The bulge in my pants grew and he was noticing it. I looked directly at him as I lowered my shorts.  I love seeing people’s reactions when they see my cock for the first time, it’s enjoyable.  His jaw dropped as my dick bounced up and down.  The man was fixated on it – thick, long and hard.  He was frozen in time as most people are when it comes to my cock.


I smiled, grabbed my soap and walked slowly towards the showers, making sure he saw my long dong swinging side to side as I walked away. The second thing people love most about me is my tight ass, so I made sure he stared long and hard at it as I moved.

The water was hot – and so was I. I was lathering up my dick by stroking it with both hands.  In he came like clockwork. I smiled, knowing he wanted a show.  He never approached me, just stood at a distance, stroking his dick, watching me.

I didn’t acknowledge him, I just pretended I didn’t see him and kept on stroking. I turned my body around, so I was facing his direction. I tilted my head and body back, so the water ran down my bare chest. I was just stroking my massive meat under the shower, giving him a very good view.  I continued to look straight ahead, and I heard him begin to moan. I knew he was close. I let go of my cock and it stood straight up- in all it’s glory.  I turned around and began lathering up my ass. I stood sideways so he could still see my huge hard cock.

I slid two fingers up my ass. I smacked a cheek, then started stroking my cock with my free hand. One hand on my cock, the other fingering myself. I knew it wouldn’t be long now. He could never last while I was doing this in front of him.

He still never spoke, but just let out a huge groan, and I peeked out the corner of my eye and saw him spray everywhere. The shower wall and handles were covered in his cum.

I smiled to myself, and continued showering. He left quickly without a word.


That’s how I make friends at my gym.
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First Encounters Check Out Hot Rodd

He said he’s never been with a man before, but always wanted to try it.  I met him at a sports bar, while I was eating my breakfast at 3pm. The place was pretty empty, no games were on and i was at my usual table.  I come here a lot to be left alone, most times it was not a pick up joint, but just my luck, it was one today.

He told me he’d seen me around and thought I was cute. He wanted to try it with a man and that I looked like the type he wanted.  He guessed I was in the sex industry and he was right. Having me pop his cherry would mean no awkward phone calls or stalking issues.  He flashed me some cash and we were on our way to the hotel.


I closed the door and he was all over me in an instant. I told him to calm down and take a seat on the edge of my bed.  I walked into the bathroom to freshen up and put some moisturizer on my chest and arms and shoulders.  I put my button down shirt back on and tucked it into my gray slacks.  I always like to look neat if I have to wear clothes.

Coming back into the room, I noticed he was still very nervous and very anxious.  I put some music on, and began to move, because that’s what I do, slowly and seductively.  I start to unbutton my shirt and he starts wagging his tail at even the possibility of seeing my chest.  It’s shiny and tight and my pecs are pretty developed.  I make sure he sees every muscle in my arm as I slowly pull the sleeves off, one at a time.

“You like that, baby?” I ask him, as i slowly dance closer to him still sitting on the edge of the bed. “Cock. I want your cock” he mutters under his breathe as begins to sweat.  I grab his hands and put them on my rock hard chest.  I make sure his hands feel every crack and crevice that my muscles make.  His face turns into awe as his fingers feed him information he only dreamed about before.

“Now comes the good part”, I tell him, as I put my hands on top of his and lower them into the depths of my trousers.  His face turns white as his hands grasp around my thick dick.  “Oh dear Lord”, he whispers.  I take his hands and I thrust my hips to the music as our hands slowly and firmly make their way up and down my strong shaft.  My cock grows in my pants and he gets a bulge in a heartbeat. I see that he’s loving it, and I dare to take it further.

I pull his hands out of my pants and he sniffs them and licks them as if they were just in a bag of chips.  I step back and I unbuckle my belt.  He begins jerking off his dick immediately, I don’t stop him.  I pull my pants all the way down and step out of them.  It’s just me and my speedo now, which hardly contains my big cock.  The elastic stretches to capacity and I’m so thick you see half of my dick anyway.  I look down and he is eyeing my thighs, so I turn around and show him my very tight, bubble ass.  I hear him jerking faster.  I shake my ass to the music that’s still playing and let down the speedo.  With just my bare, tight, shiny ass showing, I start to smack a cheek and I hear him moan.  I stroke my monster with my back to him, so he can see my arm and broad back muscles working.  I hear his moans get louder, when I drop my dick, he can see the outline of it hanging down between my legs.

The poor guy was about to cum, and I knew it.  I turned around slowly to reveal my semi-hard monster to him.  He gasped like he’d seen a ghost.  I walk closer to him, putting my naked body and my cock very close to him.  He can see my dick throbbing now, getting harder right before his eyes.  He wants to touch it to feel the thickness in his hands again, but he can’t stop jerking, he’s too close to finishing.  The second I grab my dick with both my hands, he sprays his cum everywhere.


He flops back on his bed, a limp dick in hand, and cum all over the bedspread.  “Take a nap”, I said. “I’ll send you the cleaning bill”

Now give him a call to have your first time.

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Ghost Writing Social Media Marketing

I am offering ghost writing for listings and profiles. If you are needing help with key words, expanding your writing, writing to a certain niche, or making things more interesting please email me.

I charge .04 a word with a 300 word minimum. There is a reason for 300 words. The search engines will not pick up anything under 300 words.
Are you trying to build a blog but just can not seem to get it off the ground contact me.

I can help you set up a calendar for blog subjects.

Help you with key words for your niche.

Help you with finding free content that you can expand on for your blog.

I can write blog posts for you on specific fetishes that you actually deal with or would like to invite. These would be your articles that would not be used by myself or anyone else.
Are you struggling with social media trying to figure out what to post about? I can help you with this with an indepth breakdown of what you have now and how to improve that. I charge $20 for this and can generally have it done in a day.

If you are needing a social media calendar I can help with this at well. This will be 52 weeks of content one a day. For $20 if you are wanting more per day I can do that as well.  Ever social media outlet has a different recommendation I can help you work out how often you should be posting on social media.

I will do a BASIC 10 point break down of social media for anyone for free. Just get ahold of me and I will happily help you out with this.

If you are needing help with a different kind of project not listed here hit me up we can work something out.

Shoot me an email

Hot Rodd Niteflirt

Hot Rodd

I am a New York City dancer and I have been one for quite some time now.  I was born and bred here on the East Coast and seem to have a knack for adult entertainment.  I am 6″0′ with a somewhat athletic build but not too skinny.  I have muscle and a very nice ass that is round and firm.


I learned at a young age that I am gifted in certain areas of my body and I love sharing that gift to make people happy.  I am into being a Dom but I can be a Sub as well.

I have many sexual adventures to share, concerning men and women and I truly love to share my enormous gift with both genders.


I meet all kinds of people at the club which I dance at.  I meet businessmen, college boys, college girls, lonely men, rich men and poor men.  They all seem to enjoy my services and I love to give it to them.  I do not judge and try to accommodate almost all wishes and desires. Of course there are some exceptions.  I can role play or I can be honest with you, almost anything that suits your fancy I will be more then happy to do for you.


I have been with wives, girlfriends and business partners, I have had sex in public and for show, and I definitely love to tease. On stage I play the cop, the fireman, the lumberjack, the soccer player and so much more.  Why don’t you call me and let me know who you want me to be. I’ll be here waiting.

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Bisexual Men

Bisexuality in men is far more common than most people realize while it may always stay in their mind and they may never actually act on them. Niteflirt is a great place for men to call other men and explore those things that may never act on in real life. Men talk all the time about being submissive to another man and having to take a cock inside their mouth. They want to be forced to take care of another man’s testicles and penis.  A number of men that think about sucking cock do not any form of a relationship with a man. They are into the penis they want to taste another man’s semen. Bisexuality for a lot of men means being controlled by another man for sexual gratification. One of the reasons why hookups are so popular is because they are meant about the satisfaction not about meeting people. For a lot of men the thought of finding a stranger meeting in a unfamiliar place is scary and maybe it should be. Niteflirt on the other hand gives men the option of having that mental turn on without having to actually meet someone they know nothing about. If those secret desires are oral in nature or maybe even the thought of anal sex with a strong man that takes control of lesser man. Phone sex is the safest sex ever it allows people to interact with each other without all the potential bad effects that can come out face to face meetings.

Worldly God


Have you been searching for that unique hard core dominant man? Worldly God is that person who will take over your world. He is not the guy you call when you want to be seduced. If you want to be used, pounded, and made to comply he is the guy that will push your limits beyond where you thought you should be. Fag domination is one of his favorite past times forcing a worthless whiner onto their knees and feeling up that mouth with a throbbing real man’s cock. Have you ever thought of letting someone deep into your mind you know that you deserve a good hard mind fuck like only a true deviant mind can give you. This is a real alpha male he doesn’t show boat or throw out his chest if you cross him you will remember that day for the rest of your life. You are there to serve alpha’s like him and he is there to be your money taker whatever is in your wallet better be on the floor at his feet. You thought you could suck cock and no one would ever find out well that pretty little wife of yours will know all your dirty deviant secrets if you do not do as your told and give Worldly God everything he desires.  When you read about blackmail play it sounded like so much fun now you know that it is far beyond fun. How about some role play it seems like fun right until you realize how demonic and nasty that role can go now you are super turned on and scared at the same time.  Ever wondered what it would be like to be locked in prison and your first night in that cell with that truly mean man now you can know when you call Worldly God on Niteflirt. He enjoys those fantasies that are sick and kinky something that is truly sexually deviant.



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